Centronix India is Committed to provide 360° coding – marking solution with a cost effective approach through complete range of Machines, Tools, Accessories, Spares, Consumables, Consultancy and 24 x 7 Service support. We are well equipped to provide our best service and supplies to any make CIJ, TIJ, TTO marking machine. Centronix India has developed a philosophy that consists of partnering with the leading global players technologically. We utilize our unsurpassed local manufacturing infrastructure and highly motivated skilled workforce to provide the best engineered and most cost effective products and solutions for the entire range of manufacturing industries such as Food, Beverages, Confectionary, Dairy, Personal Care, FMCG, Pharma, PVC Extrusion, Cable- Wire, Automotive, Electronics, Agro product, Chemical- Petrochemicals, Metal etc. across India. We are associated with technical and management team having experience over a decade in this field.

Why Coding Marking?

    Legal Requirements

  • Providing Product Information to customers
  • Satisfying legal requirements by printing information such as MRP, Batch Numbers, Expiry Dates, etc.
  • Printing specifications, ISI logo, and Company logos

    Inventory Control

  • Reduction in wastage of packaging material
  • Reducing inventory and stocking by printing on the last minute.
  • Printing on the production line
  • Using standardized pouches printing ingredients and other graphics to avoid wastage due to change in ingredients or customer destination


  • Quality Control
  • Tracking products by date of manufacture, batch numbers, shift numbers, and real time-date.
  • Online coding enables recall of the minimum amount

    Operational Efficiency

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Debottlenecking
  • Tracking inventory through the supply chain by bar-coding, thus reduces cost
  • Variable bar-coding enables tracking of products from one market to another
  • Ensuring the most efficient supply chain by printing variable bar-codes onto shipper cartons enabling tracking of inventory by product

    Branding, Customer Perception

  • Customer Quality Perception
  • Improving the perception of a product by printing logos, graphics, and information on the product
  • Printing on any surface eg. pipe, iron sheet, plywood etc.

    Counterfeit Prevention

  • Counterfeit/Duplication and unauthorized diversion prevention
  • Legal liability and warranty protection
  • Protecting brand reputation by printing with invisible, fluorescent, and other specialty inks, dual serializers, variable bar-codes, encrypted bar-codes…
  • Printing with invisible/fluorescent inks for counterfeit prevention
  • Ensuring that products are not diverted from one market to another, stolen during the production process itself… with invisible codes and variable bar-coding tracking of inventory by product

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