Laser marking (carving) technology is the most applied technology in laser processing field. Laser marking (carving) is a marking method to use local irradiation of high-energy density laser to generate chemical reactions like vaporization and color change in the material surface in order to form a permanent marker. It can make any characters, symbols and patterns, with size from millimeter to micron, which is significant in products’ anti-counterfeiting.

The ultra fine focused laser beam is just like a cutting tool which can remove objects’ surface material point by point. Its advancement relies on the non-contact marking process which generate no mechanical squeeze and mechanical stress thus without damage on the workpiece. What’s more, with the small size of laser beam and small heat effect area, it can complete elaborate processing that conventional methods can not realize.

The ‘cutting tool’ of laser processing is the focused light point, no need for adding other equipments or materials. As long as the laser can work well, it is possible to process continuously for a long time. Laser processing is high in speed and low in cost. It is automatically controlled by computer without human intervention.

It is only the content in computer that relates to the marking content of laser. As long as the marking system can recognize the draft design in computer, the marking machine can restore the accurate design information on the proper carrier. So the function of software influence the function of system to a great extent.