Product name: NANOJET II package inkjet printer
NANOJET-II packaging inkjet is mainly used in packaging to print production date, staff numbers,product labels, etc. Specific application are as below:
·Food Industry(such as outer paper packaging of mineral water bottle, outer carton packaging of drinks, wine bottles, cookies and packed food etc.).
·Building Materials Industry (print on various density board, joinery board, solid board, asbestos board, wood floor, etc.).
·Other industries( print on paper label of bottle, such as wine bottle, medicine bottle, and packaging boxes of top-quality product).

1. Print unit
a) Take HP TIJ2.5 inkjet tech ,zero maintenance, print height is 12.7mm.
b) Print resolution is from 300*150dpi to 600*600dpi
c) Print speed is from 30m/min to 304m/min

Design feature

  • High system integration, small in size , few parts and easy to install
  • Display screen is separate from printer, can be installed anywhere customer wants
  • Advanced anti-collision device, available in various production lines.
  • With alarm light, making operator see the printer working status anytime
  • Cascading is available , a few printers can print on a package at the same time
  • High performance with low price, can connect ink supply system to help customers lower the cost
  • Anti-vibration design to prevent missing and repeating print caused by unstable production line


  • Can print static image, variable database, text, counter and dates
  • Humanization interface, and super files management system, memorize last print file automatically.
  • Preview function makes content edit visible, can modify any information on printer directly. No limitation for the content size and lines which is a breakthrough
  • Inner built special symbols, any language is available.
  • Working status and help system is visible anytime, free of training.

Ink Medium

  • Various kinds of ink from solvent ink to water-based ink, can print on vanished paper, coated paper, PVC and so on.